VMI continues to focus its clients on innovation, convergence and disruption to help drive new leadership in markets as they transition to the Internet of Things and Services (IoTS)/M2M and Connected Intelligence — everywhere. The cross-over and hybridization of commercial and defense sectors’ key advancements and enablers in technologies and business models will see disruption arise from advanced computing, big data, open-source, autonomy, artificial intelligence, miniaturization (MEMS, Nano), additive manufacturing, small but high density power systems, unmanned systems, and so forth. Our clients’ questions: From whom and where will the disruption manifest itself, and how can they leverage that knowledge to their advantage?


Debuted VMI’s Center for Innovation, drawing from cross-industry, cross-cultural, and cross-discipline expertise » Expanded VMI’s flagship methodology, Innovation Process Marketing, (IPM), to find and explore new markets (Exploration) for our client’s technologies » Launched new strategic business products, based on IPM: Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS), for interpreting trends across disciplines, markets, industries and international borders to help clients build their strategies for the future; Competitive Insights (CI) for determining the strategic intent of top industry players; and the Moving Market Map (M3) for predictive analysis » Developed from the ground up a new International Demand Index (IDI) methodology for determining global, regional and country-demand for heavy-industry type products and services from an indigenous perspectives » Continued focus on innovation, especially in the area of backhaul, embedded technologies, social networks, and mobile computing.


Continued to expand our consulting business into new areas such as the DoD’s acquisition reform and Unmanned Systems, including UAV/UCAVs, underwater and ground vehicles » Vanguard’s leading-edge consulting work also reached into the new frontier of the connected home, linking biometric and networking technologies with personal wellbeing applications » Extended our IPM methodology to include processes for exploring new markets, growing revenue opportunities, conducting business intelligence, and building new market categories » VMI’s strong, cross-industry expertise covers science, engineering, software and emerging innovations in healthcare, biosciences, technology, energy, aerospace and defense.


Major new market Product and Company positioning contract with The Boeing Company (formerly McDonnell Douglas), and the MD520 NOTAR Helicopter » Began formalizing Innovation Process Marketing (IPM) as a methodology to guarantee consistent, standard practices on strategic consulting assignments » Formulated IPM’s market validation, positioning, message development, and adoption strategies based on work at Amgen and research by renowned sociologist Everett Rogers » Broadened industry work to include telecom, aerospace prime contractors, healthcare distribution and diagnostic products, industrial automation, semiconductors, and Internet-based software.


Launched Vanguard Marketing International, Inc. » First Arizona clients: Universal Avionics, Intel, Hughes Missile Systems and Allied Signal » Expanded client base to include southern California, with work at Teledyne Controls, and New York/Boston with IBM Technology Products Division, Chase Manhattan Bank and Digital Equipment Corporation.


Jack Byers, as US venture capital fund representative and Vice Chairman of JV Dialogue (JVD), helped launch the 2nd Soviet American Joint Venture, in Moscow » Secured exclusive distribution of Microsoft products in the USSR » Localized and / or distributed 24 Western vendor products in USSR, including those of Hewlett-Packard, SPSS, Autodesk, and Symantec » Established DialogBank and Summit Systems, a PC assembly joint venture between Chips and Technologies, JV Dialogue, and Aeroflot.