DEMO 2014 Highlights

Close to a square foot of LCD display screen has been sold to every adult on earth. The fact that low cost mobile devices are personal, taken everywhere, offer frictionless access, have sensors and cameras, know their location, are used for payments, are a social platform and are much easier to use, means they offer ten times the opportunities of desktop computing. At this year’s DEMO, in Silicon Valley, we saw forty companies launched in the following categories: Wearables, Home Devices, Drones, Smart Data, Messaging, Enterprise, Bitcoin, Personal Finance, Internet of Things, Mobile, and the Work Cloud.

A look at DEMO, a technology-focused business conference where companies and entrepreneurs launch new products and services. Products launched at DEMO have included Salesforce,TiVo, VMware, Evernote, E*Trade, WebEx and Fusion-io.

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