CES 2018 Intro

VMI has been busy this week at CES 2018, investigating technologies ranging from Air and Ground Autonomous Vehicles, Distributed Mesh Networking, and Machine Learning & AI-refined applications to increase the intelligence of the world around you.

Automation, through voice-enabled AI-assistants, are the early winners this year. Nearly every device in the home has been, or will be, integrated into Apple, Google and/or Amazon’s ecosystem. The companies with a bit more ambition are seeking to move up the value chain by creating a hub of their own. Make no mistake, within the decade you won’t be able to eat an apple, wash your underwear or open your window blinds without a tech company overseeing the action.

With the show ending today, our team is will be wrapping up our thoughts and insights as we prepare to publish our VMI’s CES Best of the Best 2018, analyzing the major trends and key innovators in this year’s show.

To see a recap of last year’s show, check out our 2017 Report here.

Quick Highlights: