Keeping pace of Thought-Leadership during DoD’s Acceleration​

Keeping pace of Thought-Leadership during DoD's Acceleration

VMI’s Market Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (M-ISR) delivers critical situational understanding with strategic analysis for business team thought leadership in today’s accelerating DoD acquisition climate.

VMI keeps teams informed on:

  • Growth opportunities including franchise pursuits
  • Customer modernization priorities and evolving requirements
  • Competitors from both defense and commercial sectors, including their key leadership, strategies, partners, programs, capabilities, and tactics — all Essential Elements of Information (EEIs) for Price-to-Win (PtW)
  • Small business innovation and Technology Challenges (try/buy)
  • New acquisition strategies: Accelerated procurement via OTA agreements and MTA contracting vehicles

VMI provides executive leadership, including strategic planning and business development teams, with situational awareness and understanding that broadens team thinking; helping them better execute and maneuver ahead of competitors, helping your team achieve short- and long-term goals.

Since 1994, VMI’s focus has been on market and technology innovation that solve problems which matter to customers in aerospace, defense, and industrial sectors.

We focus on finding and leveraging emerging business models, practices and technologies across sectors, to achieve differential advantages for our clients and to enable new growth opportunities.  

Our recent studies have been in on-demand services and modern open systems architecture (MOSA) practices; and in the application of advanced technologies such as predictive analytics/artificial intelligence, propulsion, strategic and tactical weapons, autonomous systems, directed energy, cyber, human machine interfaces, and mixed-reality, to name a few. 

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