Market Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance

Market Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (M-ISR) Program

6, 12, or 24 Month Assignments

  • A dedicated Market Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (M-ISR) program provided as a forum for your team at regular, set- intervals (e.g. bi-monthly), with:
    1. Relevant 24/7 situational awareness of captured and investigated market activities
    2. Discussions, analysis and team reviews within the context of your market ecosystem; e.g. what just happened or is about to happen, thought leadership topics, and other EEI’s for PtW consideration.
    3. Senior advisor consultation on how it will/may impact your efforts and why; and what’s next scenarios with strategic/tactical recommendations.
  • M-ISR is ideal for complex program capture and product launch campaigns.
    1. Large campaigns dealing with combinations of new acquisition methods and innovations
    2. Multiple competitors, some comprising non-traditional partnerships
    3. Pre- and post- product launch including early market demand-acceleration programs.