Market Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance

Market Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance: VMI M-ISR™ Program

Raising Your PWin: 2-week Sprint Cycle

Contract for: 6, 12, or 24 Month Assignments

A dedicated VMI Market Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (M-ISR) program provides a regularly scheduled forum for your team to learn and discuss tactical and strategic consequences of the latest market dynamics that will impact your PWin.


  1. Relevant 24/7 situational awareness of captured and investigated market activities
  2. Sprint Cycle intel briefings to discuss within the context of your market ecosystem: what just happened or is about to happen, what to make of it, how it may play out, thought leadership topics, and other Essential Elements of Information for PtW consideration.
  3. Senior advisor consultation on how it will/may impact your efforts and why; and What’s Next scenarios with strategic/tactical recommendations.

M-ISR is ideal for complex program capture and product launch campaigns.

  1. Large campaigns dealing with combinations of new acquisition methods and innovations
  2. Multiple competitors, some comprising non-traditional partnerships
  3. Pre- and post- product launch including early market demand-acceleration programs.

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