Advanced Analytics, Information Systems

Data-driven business model frameworks; Enriched data and information monetization; Ingest and knowledge model tools; Descriptor, predictor, recommender system solutions; Visualization/cognition, mental model and thought alignment for collaboration; Human decision making optimazation; Business practices and enterprise integration

Defense Strategy and Intelligence

Precision guided weapons and missile technology; Sensors such as radar, EO/IR, millimeter-wave and multi/hyper-spectral imaging technologies, GPU processors; Information Operations/Information Assurance; Directed energy; Air, Ground, Naval and Space platforms; International market opprotunity assessments and offset strategies

Autonomous and Autonomous Systems

Robotics; Unmanned platforms - air (fixed wing, rotor), ground, surface and underwater; Emerging technologies such as advanced analytics, and sensors; Defense & Commercial Markets: Customers, suppliers; Business models, Missions and applications; Regulatory bodies; Sense and Avoid, Communications, and Propulsion and battery technologies.

Workforce Automation

IoT and personal sensors; Human machine interfaces; Augemented reality (tablets, glasses to headsets); Robotics augmentation; Enterprise integration; Maintenance and training

Satellites & Launch

Launch vehicles and services, satellite components, remote sensing & surveliance, space transportation & exploration; Space Mining; Telemetry / communications

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