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Vanguard Marketing International, Inc. constantly releases whitepapers that industry experts flock to. There are several cateogories of white papers that we provide, covering almost every industry so we can provide our customers with information that allows them to make the best decisions possible.

VMI's 2017 CES Best of the Best

This year, across the many expanding exhibit halls, our analyst team has uncovered top innovations and enabling technologies that won’t disappoint! We know and believe they will transform markets and improve our lives in ways that we can only dream!

VMI's 2016 CES Best of the Best

This is the year of practical, ubiquitous computing - where our home, our cars, our drones and our wearables anticipate our needs! Ubiquitous means we don't have to learn computing... for computers can now learn and perceive our world to help us make better decisions!

VMI's 2015 CES Best of the Best

High Performance Mobile – Nvidia does Teraflops! - Wearables are not just about tracking steps - Smart glasses/goggles are driving a new wave in acquisitions for immersive gaming and an emerging guided workplace - Consumer Drones are here; dependent upon FAA approval - Internet of Things… Embedded sensors will be in everything… but privacy and data ownership issues - Defense companies going commercial

VMI's 2014 CES Best of the Best

10% of the 3,300 exhibiters in digital health & wearables - More AR & Immersive Neuro Gaming - IoTS market to reach US$1.9 trillion by 2020 - A record nine car companies exhibited – not just their cars; but sensor and autonomous technology - Count them… 27 3D-Printing companies! - Sales of 3D printing goods and services to hit $3.7 billion world-wide

VMI's 2013 CES Best of the Best

High Performance Mobile processors by Qualcomm and Nvidia; Both are driving power and connectedness through the industry between home, work, car, entertainment - Emerging gateways to Digital health and fitness - Driving Big Data opportunities and personalized health - On the Road Autonomy – Saving Lives… that’s what the automobile and insurance industries are telling us! - Immersive Gaming - 3D Printers - Continue forward with new business models - Less obtrusive, more intuitive Human Machine Interfaces – Gesture, Touch, Eye Tracking, Thinking… you chose how you will interface to your world!

VMI's 2012 CES Best of the Best

No shows: Apple and Facebook; Google and Amazon barely there! Microsoft says this is their last year - Top Innovations: Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) - gesture rescognition, touch-screens, haptics, eye and thought control - Continued evolution & integration in mobility, connectivity, MEMS integration, Augmented Reality (AR), health sensors & systems, OLED, HD & 3D displays - Convergence ahead - Cyber Issues - TransferJet’s 560 Mpbs wireless data transfer and the success of worldwide providers of cloud services - What will their impact be on Cyber Security issues in the future?

A look at DEMO, a technology-focused business conference where companies and entrepreneurs launch new products and services. Products launched at DEMO have included Salesforce,TiVo, VMware, Evernote, E*Trade, WebEx and Fusion-io.

DEMO 2014 Highlights

Close to a square foot of LCD display screen has been sold to every adult on earth. The fact that low cost mobile devices are personal, taken everywhere, offer frictionless access, have sensors and cameras, know their location, are used for payments, are a social platform and are much easier to use, means they offer ten times the opportunities of desktop computing. At this year’s DEMO, in Silicon Valley, we saw forty companies launched in the following categories: Wearables, Home Devices, Drones, Smart Data, Messaging, Enterprise, Bitcoin, Personal Finance, Internet of Things, Mobile, and the Work Cloud.

DEMO 2011 Highlights

Cloud computing, apps stores, analytics (predictive, search engines, big data, semantic/natural language processors), PED, cyber, information assurance, distribution networks, product localization, high-speed transaction processing reservation system and banking networks, operational decision support for networks, and retail operations.

Unmanned Systems convenes the largest global community of commercial and defense leaders in intelligent robotics, drones and unmanned systems. The conference covers every domain - air, ground and maritime - and industry, from agriculture and construction to energy and academia.

Why The Best Products Fails

Why doesn't the best product win? Many times the most innovative, elegant, technically superior, product does not win the business! The answer is difficult to face, and it is the basis of this paper.

VMI Discontinuous Innovation, A Strategic Marketing Process

Being “first to market” with a discontinuous innovation - While there are a number of possible entry strategies, this paper concentrates on the process that enables you to be “first to market” with a disruption!

VMI Leadership Series No. I – Leadership Creates the Future

Successful leaders believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it.

VMI Leadership Series No. II – Invention-Innovation and Systems

Leadership means shaping and creating the future through innovative solutions – not waiting for the customer or competitor to show you the way.

VMI Leadership Series No. III – Visionary Leadership and a Culture of Innovation

How to revitalize the underlying leadership and the culture of innovation that once thrived in your company. Plus: On Aeroflot in the former Soviet Union, when talking about how local air traffic controllers were threatening to go on strike, "What this Country Needs is Ronald Reagan!"

VMI Leadership Series No. IV – 2004 Communications Infrastructure

Back in 2004 we spoke with the CEOs and CTOs of top telecom ecosystem players about trends and issues that impact the communications infrastructure market. See what we found then and what rings true today.

IPM Market Exploration

Exploration seeks to find markets with a current or developing need for your technology or solution. It is an efficient, focused process for innovation.

IPM Market Validation

Once a new opportunity appears to be worthwhile or an existing solution is cresting, it should be validated by market thought leaders before you make a substantial commitment to pursue further investments in it.

IPM Positioning and Branding

Addressing important unmet needs and providing customers with differential advantages in their markets is critical to building brand equity. If done correctly the market will embrace the value offered, resulting in your company achieving its true potential.

VMI IPM Adoption Strategy

Not all sales are equal. IPM delivers the critical path for rapid acceleration of awareness and adoption of your innovation, with the primary objectives of shortening time-to-money and reaching the early market as quickly as possible.

VMI Innovation Process Market "IPM" – Spec Sheet

VMI´s "Diamond" definitions, methodology and results of each process: Exploration – (Diamonds 1–3) to find new markets for a technology or innovation Market Validation – (Diamonds 1–7) to validate a solution within a market or ecosystem Positioning and Branding – (Diamonds 1–10) to position and brand a solution and/or company Adoption Strategy / Launch Plan – (Diamonds 1–12) to create a strategy and launch plan focused on accelerating the adoption of the innovation in the marketplace.

VMI Beyond Line of Site "BLOS" – Spec Sheet

"For some, a trend is in the present. For others, it´s in the past, while for the rest, it is their future."…VMI Beyond Line of Sight is based on the premise that trends evolve and migrate. Meaning any trend, no matter how new it may seem to the observer, has likely been around for a long period of time in other industries or markets and it is just now migrating into the observer´s field of view.

VMI International Demand Index "IDI" – Spec Sheet

No matter where you are based and no matter what you do, International growth has to be a key element of your strategy. The objective of IDI is to create a means to gauge developing demand, anticipate changes and be prepared for the independent variable in order to potentially shape and leverage the events in Country to your advantage.

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