VMI provides client teams with up to date holistic views of their environment and a forum for shared understanding, discussion, and agile decision making. We bring adaptive approaches to companies’ traditional business models, helping to ensure a higher probability of success via sprint-like strategy implementation.

VMI helps clients to not only See What’s Next, but to Be What’s Next.

Launched in 1994 Vanguard Marketing International, Inc. (VMI) is a technology marketing firm focused on creating profitable growth that exceeds industry norms in the commercial and defense sectors. VMI follows technology, business models, and market trends with a focus on emerging next-generation innovation across academia, start-ups, and businesses in the consumer, commercial, and defense sectors with an eye for crossover to support our clients in the quest to create breakout solutions. VMI provides time tested processes, programs, and consulting services that focus on growth. Our Market-ISR program has been referred to by our customers as the first breakthrough in defense acquisition/capture in decades.

In times of turmoil, an opportunity for growth can come from anywhere at any time. But it does not come from incremental improvement. Great opportunities might begin with recognizing that processes, models, products, services, or even methods of communication that worked in the past may no longer be relevant.

Success in turmoil is about developing a continuous fast-paced drumbeat of actionable understanding across the market environment. What is happening now, and why is it happening? Based on your vision, it’s time to creatively design innovative and agile solutions that far surpass the competition by applying creative problem-solving methods to capture market share quickly and to exceed revenue growth goals. Now is the time to leapfrog the competition and new entrants in market share position.

Getting Started

VMI consulting projects are focused on delivering what the customer needs as opposed to the specifics of the statement of work or telling the customer what they already know. Projects may be short with an end-state deliverable such as a market study with analysis and recommendations as an example, or they may run for an extended length of time bounded by the successful launch of a product or winning an extensive DoD program or a multi-program campaign. We take pride in our newest and most impactful contribution to strategy development and successful implementation, resulting in increasing the Pwin of a program or launching an innovation in times of turmoil.

It is the combination of innovative programs, unique perspectives, technology knowledge, marketing expertise, and problem-solving abilities that set VMI apart. Speed and agility are our differential advantage.

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