CES Reports:
A Decade of VMI’s Best of the Best

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This Year’s CES 2024

CES Reports:
A Decade of VMI’s
Best of the Best

CES Decade in Review: VMI’s Best of the Best

A Deep Dive Into the Top Innovations, Brands, and Companies Catching Our Eye at Ces Each Year in Las Vegas.

10 years ago:   2,700 exhibitors, million+ sf of exhibit hall representing some $171B in future US revenues

By 2014, Microsoft, Google, and Apple invested $18.8B more each year in R&D that that of the 5 largest US Defense Companies

Last year, before COVID: 4,500 exhibitors, 175,000 visitors from 150+ Countries, 2.9m sf exhibit space and 1200 startups (VMI team hoofed 35-miles in 4 days)!!

CES 2022: VMI’s Best of the Best

  • More than 2,300 exhibits
  • Just over 40,000 attendees
  • 30% of attendees traveled from outside the US
  • Most impressive: S. Korean firms – making a huge splash!
  • At Eureka Park: 800 startups
  • 1,800 global media across 11 indoor and outdoor venues
  • Our Biggen Wows were in AI, Autonomy, and Radars

CES 2020: VMI’s Best of the Best

  • The Wall, by Samsung – Amazing 292-inch Micro-LED, AI driven TV!
  • BLAISE “AI at the Edge” (100x more efficient than NVIDIA, cost & perf) 
  • IBM Food Trust Blockchain
  • VUZIX Labs – Smart Swim/Run/Bike Goggles (watch Netflix or AR-Coach!)
  • Hyperfine – Portable MRI Machine
  • Robotic Exoskeletons by SARCO

CES 2019: VMI’s Best of the Best

  • Bell NEXUS UAM
  • EINRIDE all electric driverless transport
  • Butterfly IQ Personal Ultrasound Scan / Apple App
  • Darwin AI for developing trustworthy AI (near impossible, is possible!)

CES 2018: VMI’s Best of the Best

  • Bell Air Taxi On-Demand Urban Air Mobility (Think Sky-Uber!)
  • Big Screens Wars – Thinner and Bigger:  Samsung and LG
  • Partnerships:  TUSIMPLE / Nvidia Autonomous for 18-wheeler transport

CES 2017: VMI’s Best of the Best

  • Quanergy Systems – transform global autonomous vehicle market with low cost, fast reliable solid state LiDAR (how vehicles see)
  • Divergent 3D – Green automotive manufacturing processes (3D print a sport car that’s as fast as a McLaren) with little to no supply chain!
  • MyDefense/Airbus XPeller Counter Drone System

CES 2016: VMI’s Best of the Best

  • Ossia’s Real Wireless Power
  • NVIDIA’s Automotive Autonomy – Accelerating Deep Learning
  • EHANG 184 – Personal Autonomous Aerial Vehicle from China

CES 2015: VMI’s Best of the Best

  • 3D Carbon-Fiber Printing by MarkForge
  • World’s 1st Teraflops Mobile Processor:  NVIDIA
  • Kodak’s 360 degree HD Action video camera
  • Microsoft HoloLens Augmented Reality (AR) announced

CES 2014: VMI’s Best of the Best

  • FLIR One mobile phone with Thermal Imaging with Lepton Core
  • Google Glasses 
  • LiDAR standardization (how autonomous vehicles see)
  • Phone Soap – Kills 99.9% surface germs via UV light
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring

CES 2013: VMI’s Best of the Best

  • Toyota/Lexus’s MMR for lane drift and collision avoidance
  • Audi parking assist
  • Mobile Processors – Qualcomm Snapdragon and NVIDIA Tegra 4
  • 3D Additive Manufacturing by Cubify

CES 2012: VMI’s Best of the Best

  • Crowd Sourcing models for Netflix Movie Recommender System
  • Qualcomm Tricorder X-prize for Healthcare-App-Med-Diagnostics
  • Nest Thermostat
  • Fit-Core; precursor to Fit-Bit

CES 2011: VMI’s Best of the Best

  • GM and China-based SAIC’s optionally manned vehicle
  • Tesla’s wireless charging pad – 180 miles per charge
  • Vuzix – see through Augmented Reality (AR) eyewear
  • First signs of digitally enhanced fitness
  • NVIDIA Xi3 modular computer leverages Cloud Computing
  • Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies (hybrid)

CES 2010: VMI’s Best of the Best

  • iPhone Apps to control your Parrot AR Drone
  • Media Extenders D-Link boxes that Stream Online Media
  • Mobile Computing – E-readers, netbooks, tablet, stales and Smartphones

CES 2009: VMI’s Best of the Best

  • NVIDIA’s GeForce 3D video gaming system
  • THX Roomcaster – home theatre converted into wireless sound system
  • Wireless Inductive Charging Station by Convenient Power

VMI Seeing What’s Next Services

This Year’s CES 2024

CES Reports:
A Decade of VMI’s
Best of the Best