CES 2022

Reporting from CES 2022, Las Vegas; Day 1 Jan 5, 2022

Our first day at CES we hit Innovation Startups at the Venetian. Top findings included:

  1. Innovation Awards – The vast majority of innovation awards were driven by AI. Major areas dealt with human performance, human-machine interactions and autonomous vehicles. Look to VMI’s Best of the Best which will be published after the exhibition for our top selections.
    • First favorite autonomous vehicle of the show… Japan’s Start up - -Skydrive! For transporting people and cargo.
  1. The latest in wearables. They are evolving rapidly. All eyes are on the EAR!
    • There are great sensors for accurate monitoring of activity, stress, blood volumes and or saturation… with tech that also provides the best enjoyment for streaming.
    • Digital health is bridging the gap between perfect hearing and severe hearing loss - meaning the vast improvements in quality of sound and understandability. Conversations are enhanced; transformed, by Netherlands’ www.AbsoluteAudioLabs.com
    • Mega CE opportunities for these enhancements will mean complete disruption of the auditory / prescription marketplace.
  1. And whole new frontiers that are opening with the confluence of Sensors and AI
    • Real-time translations – President Biden delivering/lip synching his messages in a multitude of languages with 30 seconds delay for actual delivery. Sounds just like him… but he’s speaking Korean! [by Korea’s www.Klleon.io]
    • You can personally ask William Shatner what it was like to fly on Space X [Storyfile.com]. How cool is that?
    • And, the world’s most advanced robot with a truly human form – Ameca by UKs EngineeredArts.co.uk/robot/ameca/

Enjoy! VMI.

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